Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Transformation

Many come to Europe to find themselves or love or that "higher calling" (I stumbled upon that in Amsterdam) but we came for something far less cliche--we came for cool sneakers. Call us simpletons, call us phony, call us what you like, but we call ourselves "b-boys."

Where we found our true b-boy calling--The Overkill Shop.

The shop was geared towards others that shared our interests in graffiti (it's street art, we just need to express ourselves,) graphic tees, and limited edition kicks. And it was here that the transformation began...

One of our b-boy brothers (also our sweet, soft-spoken salesman.)

The final product. The still image can't adequately capture our moves but this is just a taste of what our new sneakers did for our skills.

LB's signature double jump flick...

AH's--"The Look"

And, "The Pullback"...

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